One of my all time favorite liveries to ever witness Irish tarmac has been recreated by myself for DiRT Rally. The 1996 Circuit of Ireland winning car of Stephen Finlay / Robbie Philpott has always been in my eyes one of the most iconic liveries ever seen in Irish rallying. Even though its only appearance in Ireland was this event (it also competed in the Acropolis rally that same year) the eye catching orange and white color scheme and the fact that Stephen won the rally by over two and a half minutes has cemented it into legendary status in Irish rallying history.


The process of recreating this livery as accurately as possible was a long and difficult one due to the lack of photographs/video of this particular car for the event. I spent at least three hours trawling through retro rally Facebook groups just to find one image showing the rear of the car only to find out that it consisted of one Finlay logo on the bumper and two stripes on the boot! Nonetheless I think i managed to produce a 95% accurate representation of the car, with the exception of the font for the names on the wings and the green limerick sticker at the bottom of the doors (I had no idea what crest was supposed to go on it so I stuck a limerick GAA crest on!) Really enjoyed making this livery and happy to now be able to drive it in the game. Question is, what livery to do next?


Download the livery for DiRT Rally on PC  here.

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