Lakes Friday-37
The leading cars in Parc Ferme on Friday Evening.

It was that time of years again, the weekend where the town of Killarney shuts down for an entire bank holiday weekend and the normally peaceful and scenic town is projected into a plethora of loud noise, and flat out action as this years Rally of the Lakes got underway.

I had two competitors renting cameras from me at the weekend, Kieran O’Donoghue in his newly built Honda Civic, seeded number one on the road for the Junior category, and Local driver Pat Sheehan in his beautiful Left Hand Drive Renault Clio.

Pat Sheehan’s Renault Clio

Unfortunately, Kieran retired on Stage 4 however he was setting a great pace in an unfamiliar car and I am sure he will be back soon and up to speed in the car.

Here is Kieran on Stage 2 – The Healy Pass.


Pat Sheehan managed to credibly finish the event and his pace was brilliant all throughout the weekend, a massive improvement on his firs outing in the car which was Galway in February.

Here is some incar camera footage of Pat on Stage 15 – Rockfield


Other than the two drivers I was catering for, I also did as much filming for the event as possible and produced two review videos (one for each day) with just some of the best footage from each day, with almost 5000 views between both videos.


I also decided to try snapping some photos, something I am not too experienced at however I am quite happy with how some turned out.

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Until next year!