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The Classic Repsol Livery from the 1990’s re-imagined on a modern Ford Fiesta WRC in the game DIRT Rally

This was by fair the most enjoyable project to work on yet in college. The entire module was based on accumulating a scrapbook style portfolio of work created using Photoshop and Illustrator with the end goal being one A3 poster with Bleed. The choice of topic was whatever we wanted that interested us so naturally I chose Iconic Design in Rallying.

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I looked at some of my favorite liveries from the past initially for inspiration and produces a number of graphic designs, experimenting with various blending modes, color reduction treatments and layouts

A Composition I made of one of the Rothmans cars, using color reduction and various blending modes.

From here, I looked at transferring some of these iconic designs into modern equivalents on a Ford Fiesta. I drew complete side, front, back and plan views of the R5 Ford Fiesta on Illustrator. I created a low fidelity prototype (without sponsors/logos) of a modern iteration of the statoil livery….

The illustrator drawings of the R5 Fiesta and my own  take on a modern version of the Statoil colour scheme.

Then, I decided that for a high fidelity prototype, I wanted to attempt to make a 3d Model of my next livery and I though the Repsol Livery would be the perfect base for this. To make this 3D model, the easiest way was to learn the process of Editing and exporting 3D models for a video game, DiRT Rally. The process was quite easy. By taking the original .pssg files from the game, I would convert one of the liveries to a .dds file for photshop to open it. Then I would have a flat representation of a car livery for to edit in photoshop.

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The final output of the livery in the Game is something that I am quite pleased with and its a livery which I do not think has been recreated on a modern car before.

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From here, I had to design a final poster, combining all of the techniques that we learned. This included exploring typography, layouts, gradients and blending modes. I created one or two drafts before settling on a final design.

Draft Poster 1

Draft Poster 2

For the final poster design however, I decided to lay it out like the repsol livery itself, the orange on top, red on the bottom with a blue/navy strip diagonally separating them. I also changed the main text to represent the repsol font. Radial gradients can be seen in both the orange and red sections. The cars have different blending modes on them, the older car with less color to highlight the fact that it is old.

Final Poster

This was by far one of the more enjoyable modules as I now know how to make custom liveries for cars in Dirt Rally so expect more of them soon.

Hope you Enjoyed reading,


Darragh Lynch