For this particular assignment, we were told to choose a product with interesting functionality and usability and then we would graphically represent them. I chose my Canon DSLR camera as it has a massive choice of functions and user interactions to choose from to represent. Initially, we had to list the functionality of the product, so I looked at features such as its Articulate Touchscreen LCD, the Neck Strap and the Pop-up Flash. Then, via sketching, I explored the best methods of communicating these features.

A scanned page of sketches about the Articulate Touchscreen LCD

Then, using Adobe Illustrator, I created line drawings of the product from various views, experimenting with various line weights and colors to highlight a particular feature. Usually i would make the linework for a feature thicker than the rest of the camera and with a higher opacity than the rest of the camera.

A drawing I created of the camera to highlight the touchscreen. The line weight and opacity of the screen helps it to stand out.


Frome here, I was to create one A3 ‘infographic’ style composition which displays the various features that I illustrated. Once this was printed, it was hung up for a presentation and then feedback was given, meaning I had to make revisions to the composition.


My first iteration of a composition.


A pdf of the entire Process Book for this Assignment is available here.


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