So for this Product design module, its split into three parts, The first of which is Product Rendering. This was a 6 week project which entailed building up a pinterest board of items which visually appealed to us. We would then sketch certain items and then render those sketches into a realistic object in Photoshop.

Some basic renders of simple 3D objects to illustrate light falling on them.

The product I chose for my final rendering was a BOSE concept speaker. I sketched it out, scanned the drawings and then rendered them in photoshop. As well as this, we had to produce technical drawings of our objects, to illustrate them from front and side views.

An example of a draft technical drawing of my speaker.

After this, we had to produce a ‘process book’ documenting our entire process of going from our first sketches and renders to our finalized 3D Render and Tech Drawings.

This Process book can be found here: Darragh_Lynch_Project_1

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