At the end of last year my family received awful news of my sister getting a rare form of cancer in her lung. Thankfully it is easily treatable and she is well on the road to recovery. However this struck a chord with my mother, Breda who decided that for 2017, she would attempt to raise as much funds as possible (with her running group Glenflesk ag Rith) for the Kerry-Cork Health Link bus which carries cancer patients from Kerry to Cork University Hospital for their treatment.

The campaign poster for the year which I designed on Adobe Illustrator

I wanted to assist in any way possible so I designed a campaign poster for the year using Illustrator and I also filmed and produced a promotional video for the campaign using Adobe Premiere Pro. The video has amassed over 8000 views and raised alot of awareness for the campaign as over 500 people turned out for the first Family 5k event which saw over €10000 raised for the year long campaign (and its only January!).

I hope to create more content to raise awareness and to push the campaign throughout the year.