For this module sixty percent of our grade is awarded for a 1500 word reseacrh proposal which is a proposal to how we would tackle a research question of our own choice. My research question was:

What are the effects of Clubs, Societies and other Extracurricular activities on the success of a college student?

For this I had to come up with a number of questions which would assist me in my research such as ”What defines success to a college student?”. I also had to do a literature review on three papers related to this topic, examining how research in this topic has been conducted before. Then I had to write about my Research Methods which was worth the most marks. For my research I would propose to use a qualitative method of research which would involve conducting a survey that would ask students to reveal how much involvement they would have with extra curricular activities and then what their QCA is.

Overall I was happy with this assignment as I got 83% in it, all I have left to do is submit 2 SPSS assignments which I do not believe will be too difficult and I am cruising my way to an A1.

Here is the full assignment: research_proposal_15152456_darragh_lynch

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