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This module was similar to Design Studio and is the only Product Design module I had this semester. We are going to be graded on two assignments and that is all the requirements of the module. This is my take on the first assignment. At our first class (Which was 9am monday morning of freshers week) we were given the project brief. The class group was mainly product design students and in our particular class group there was only 3 other DMD students so we grouped together for this project. The brief was to analyze various modes of travelling to college from withing a 3km distance (primarily focusing on the bike rental scheme available to students), identify the various pain points associated with them and then design a solution which would help with Smarter Travel within UL.

From our research and analysis, we found many issues associated with each method of travel however we noticed a few recurring issues. One was that people are unaware of some of the brilliant facilities available to them such as the secure bike shelters and the shower/chainging facilities. Another issue we highlighted was that people prefer not to cycle in due to a lack of immediate reward.


Our solution to these issues was BIKEARMA, a system which rewards cyclists for cycling into campus and using the secure bike shelters. A student would sign up for the service and get a BIKEARMA rewards card with a QR code on it or they could download the app which would have their QR code on it too. This QR code would be used to gain access to the secure bike shelters so they could lock up their bike. For every hour they leave their bike in the shelter they would gain BIKEARMA rewards points. These points could be used to get a free coffee or a free gym session. The aim of our solution was to raise awareness and to provide more upfront rewards as an incentive to engage more students to cycle into college.


Our entire process book detailing our research, analysis, ideation and concept development can be seen here: bikearma-process-book


We also had to create a 7-10 A3 page presentation to present to Ross Higgins, the person in charge of promoting smarter travel in UL. I created this on adobe illustrator in order to gain an insight into how to use this software. The full Presentation can be seen here: bikearma-full-presentation

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