Opel Astra GTC 1.3 Diesel LONG NCT
Managed to get a new camera alright and decided to experiment a bit with it on one of the sunnier evenings on the last week of summer

So that is it. My summer is over. And absolutely none of the things I wanted to do got done. The astra is still standard (and for sale I might add https://www.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/opel-astra-gtc-1-3-diesel-long-nct/13261046) , my pumptrack never got done due to bad weather and I never got to race in any of the remaining rounds of the Irish Downhill Mountain Bike Series. However, I did get myself a new DH bike and I am setting myself the goal of giving it a complete rebuild and maybe doing a video of that. I am slightly disapointed that nothing got done but the simple fact is that I just did not have time to do these things due to working two jobs. However, I have a new weekend job now which will not consume as much time and I am back to college.

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My new noble steed getting a small bit of work done before I took it for its first spin.

Yep. College. At the time of writing this I am still recovering from a tiring freshers week which saw a lot of lying in bed recovering from the previous nights antics however I did manage to go to all my scheduled classes (including a 3 hour long 9am Monday morning lab that went on for 3 hours and 20 minutes.) I have been given a rough outline of each of my modules so far and from what I can see, this semester is going to  a tough one. A very practical semester though with at least 4 out of my 5 modules being completely project based. I am looking forward to the Digital Video Fundamentals module as it is what I am most interested in about my course and the lecturer/TA seem dead on. On the other hand I have Digital Software’s and Systems which will be a module about computer generated music that sounds like it will involve alot of programming. Anyway, like most things I actually do, I will just have to throw the kitchen sink at it and give it full effort and I am sure in the end everything’s gonna be alright.

Until next time,