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This was a strange one to be honest the brief was trying to be relatable to the class as we were tasked with designing ‘festival furniture’ that could be light due to the fact that it was made out of cardboard. Basically, make a chair out of 2 sheets of cardboard and sit on it. Easy, right? At the beginning we were skeptical however when we we looked at the cardboard physically we began to realize it was a material with great strength capabilities depending on what form it takes. Basically the more cardboard grain vertical the better. Now we were told that someone was going to be sitting on our creations and testing them out infront of a camera which added an interesting elementto the project however our lecturer insisted that the chair did not have to be successful to get us a good grade the important part was the design process. So I went about this in the same way I did with the water vessel, I did a bit of research on chair, their materials, the good points and the flaws. Then I worked on some Ideation with some very rough sketches to see what shapes I could come up with. Then some concept design which was more focused. I also began making very rough models from spare cardboard at home to see what would work and what wouldn’t. This made me realize that the best way to get as much vertical grain in the one spot would be to curl up the cardboard into cylinders to effectively make a stool.

Anyway here’s my final submitted PDF to give you a better Idea


P.S apologies for the odd cover photo on my presentation, like this blog it was ‘for the craic of it’ and was not in any way making a mockery of the module, I hope it didnt effect my grade (dont think it did, still got a B 🙂  )

Thanks for reading… Speak soon,