uRoom.pngInto semester 2 now and things are getting more intense.This entire module was based on one assignment which was composed of many small assignments, reports and presentations to give us an overall grade. It was a group project. For anyone doing this module I would suggest that you dont give up on it. It will seem very odd and the things you will do seem useless however they do become useful towards the end for developing your ideas for the final assignment. DO NOT THROW AWAY ANY WORK YOU DO IN CLASS REGARDLESS OF HOW IRRELEVANT IT MAY SEEM. That is something that will play into your favor. Anyway for this full assignment we had to submit 5 smaller assignments and some group presentations, all of which can be found here.

Group 8 Assignment 1

Group 8 Assignment 2

Group 8 Assignment 3

Group 8 Assignment 4

Group 8 Assignment 5

Hope this helps!