We’ve all done it, changed around a Wikipedia page. If its to make a completely fictitious fact about a celebrity or engaging in a Wikipedia war with a rival college, we have all got curious at the ‘edit’ button and messed around with things. So for our Intro to DM module we were given a group assignment to construct a full wiki style page about something related to ‘2015 – Year of Irish Design’ and our particular topic was Kate Ramsey, a crafts expert who creates interesting scarves among other garments. We went to her studio at the Limerick Craft Hub to interview and construct our article from there. One of the most interesting things about Ms. Ramsey is the fact that she does not consider her a fashion designer at all but a craftswoman. You can check out some of her work here. To see our finished wiki style article click on the link at the end of this post. Hope this might help and enjoy!