Well its been 2 semesters of what I can honestly say the best year of my life so far. They went by so quickly, when you break it down, two 15 week blocks of lectures and exams then it does make sense. However it was something I would love to do all over again, the people I met, the friends I know have and the experiences I got which you just couldn’t get from any length of time in secondary school. The late nights staying up talking nonsense with friends, the Karting at the National Kart Centre every few weeks and of course the nights out. I can’t describe just how much it differs to secondary school, there is no comparison. I am sitting here writing this and wondering how was I actually putting in all those hours of study for the leaving cert this time last year? To celebrate we went up for one last night out which was eventful to say the least but by far one of the best nights I had in Plassey, I did my best to document the whole thing on GoPro’s up until we actually went out so I hope to have a small video of that soon. Anyway hopefully I have passed all my modules and I will be back in September for 2nd year.

One of the last nights in Plassey

For the next 15 weeks I have a lot planned, I don’t want to be unproductive and lazy like I was the past few summers, I have a new job got as well as keeping my weekend job so I should be kept busy making money. However I also have a few little projects I want to get done too. I plan on putting a few nice new shiny parts on my Astra which is still fairly standard at the moment, some wheels, some honeycomb grilles and maybe an OPC bodykit for it, depending on funds.

The astra, standard enough at the moment.

I am also getting a bug to go back to cycling, mountain biking specifically. I remember only a few years ago it was all I used to think about, ‘how long until the next race’ and it was brilliant fun but after I broke my arm from it (my only broken bone) I just lost interest. But now I have a bug again, so I am planning on building a new bike, Something that will be a jack of all trades for the moment, a 650b all mountain frame should do as I want to do the last round of the Irish Downhill Mountain Bike Series in Cahir in September. Aswell as this, I started building a pumptrack at the weekend so hopefully that will be done within the next 15 weeks, I found about 9 old acid barrels which I can use to make up the major it of the pumps which will be handy.

Anyway, I hope to keep this updated over the summer with all of these little projects…